Computer Addicts Anonymous is a young fellowship, but long awaited and sorely needed. We don’t have printed literature yet. But we need each other.

If you are a CAA group with regular meetings, let other addicts know about it by popping a message in the form below with the day and time and location (anywhere in the world!) of the meetings. Also include a contact telephone number if you’re comfortable to do so.

If there are no meetings in your area, write a message with your location (town/city, county and country), first name and a contact telephone number. Other addicts from the same area will browse this website and will contact you.

If you have any other comments, questions or suggestions please also leave a message in the form below.

You can also send us an email at instead of using the form below if you prefer. If you have not had a reply to a message you had sent through the form by Monday morning, it may be that it hasn’t reached us for some reason or that you mis-typed your contact details or forgot to include any contact details at all. We suggest in this case that you resend your message to us by regular email.

You may send us an email or a message through the form below anytime, but replies to them and updates, additions and changes to the meetings and contacts lists are only done once a week, every Sunday. Look them up Monday morning.

List of meetings:

There are no meetings of Computer Addicts Anonymous yet. Browse the contacts below to see who is also looking for a meeting in your area, contact them and arrange a meeting.

Contacts in locations were no meetings currently exist:

United Kingdom

West Midlands: Coventry – Laura 0790 730 2665


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